Asian Fried Noodles With Dried Daikon

by uchimeshi
noodle recipe

Healthy fried noodles with an Asian taste, using Chinese noodles and dried daikon radish for half and half, and adding chicken soaked in nam pla.

Calorie: 244 kcal
Ingredient cost: 177 Circle
Cooking time: 31 Minutes

Asian fried noodles with dried daikon – Ingredients

Noodles for 2 people and healthy noodles with radis.

  • Chinese noodles (steamed noodles) 50 g 99kcal
  • Kiriboshi daikon 50 g 140kcal
  • Carrots 50 g 19kcal
  • Garlic 1 bundle 20kcal
  • Chicken breast (without skin) 1 sheet 162kcal
  • Nampula 15 cc -Kcal
  • Salt and pepper a little 1kcal
  • Garam masala a little 1kcal
  • Takano claw 2 7kcal
  • Paprika powder (spices) a little 1kcal
  • Sesame oil 1 tsp 37kcal
noodle recipe

asian fried noodle

Tips on how to make

Chicken soaked in nam pla becomes more salty over time. Please adjust the soaking time to your liking.

Step 1: (10 Minutes)

Soak the chicken in a nam pla. Wash the dried daikon radish and put it back in lukewarm water. Loosen the Chinese noodles and boil them in hot water.

Step 2: : (10 Minutes)

Chop the leek carrots cut into bite-size steamed fish sauce marinated chicken and carrots in the range.

Step 3: (3 Minutes)

Spread sesame oil in a frying pan and fry the dried daikon radish and noodles.

Step 4: (5 Minutes)

Add chicken, garlic and carrots and fry further.

Step 5: (2 Minutes)

Adjust the taste with C seasoning. Nampula is a luxury item with a strong scent, so please adjust both.

Step 6: (1 Minute)

If you serve it on a wooden plate with tomatoes and boiled eggs, you will get a more “Asian taste mood”.

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