Hagia Sophia Hotel Sultanahmet Istanbul

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Hagia Sophia Hotel Sultanahmet

Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, thanks to the advantages it provides both culturally and geographically. Istanbul old city hotels are the places where tourists choose to stay when they visit Istanbul. Hotel Hagia Sophia is a very good example of these hotels. This hotel, which also provides its customers with the benefits of its location, opens its doors to everyone from outside of Istanbul to provide a great experience to tourists and Istanbul locals.


What Are Those Places Near Hotel Hagia Sophia Istanbul?


It is located in the most central and beautiful place of Sultanahmet, at a point where guests can immediately find themselves intertwined with the rich historical architecture, culture and art texture of Istanbul. Located just a few minutes from the old historical city center and important historical buildings from the three empires such as Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Hippodrome and Basilica Cistern, the hotel has a wide network of restaurants, cafes and hotels that you can easily reach by walking or by tram. It is located in an area that is one of the touristic places. In Istanbul, where people generally come with touristic trips, health tourism has increased considerably recently. It is also a great opportunity for people who come with this intention to be close to places where they can visit.


Hotels near grand bazaar Istanbul is another advantage for tourists to meet the condition.

Being close to many touristic places provides both a much easier trip planning and a much more enjoyable stay for people.


What Are The Touristic Places Near Hagia Sophia Istanbul?


  • Topkapi Palace


It is located on the historical peninsula, which is one of the most touristic areas of Istanbul and is one of the places that everyone who comes to Istanbul should visit. Topkapı Palace, located in Sarayburnu in the Fatih district, was built after the conquest of Istanbul and served as the administrative center of the Ottoman Empire for 400 years.


  • Sultanahmet Mosque


The Blue Mosque, the most famous mosque in Istanbul, is very famous not only among domestic tourists but also among foreign tourists. Foreign tourists know the mosque as the Blue Mosque, which means Blue Mosque. The most important reason for this is that the interior of the mosque is furnished with 21 thousand 43 Iznik tiles and has a deep blue appearance.


  • Basilica Cistern


Basilica Cistern, one of the most valuable structures remaining in Istanbul from the Byzantine Empire period. The cistern, which was built on the order of Emperor Justinian in 532, was used for the water needs of the palace and the people in those years. Even after the conquest of Istanbul, it continued to be used as a water source for a while.

Basilica Cistern is a culturally important place besides its touristic beauty. Concerts and recitals of local and foreign artists are held here. Especially with the lighting arrangements made during these concerts, the events become very impressive.


  • Hagia Sophia


There are many places that we can put at the top of the list of places to visit in Istanbul and it is very difficult to choose, but Hagia Sophia deserves to be in the first place. Hagia Sophia, built in 360 by the Eastern Roman Emperor Constantius, is one of the oldest cathedrals in the world.

Hagia Sophia, known as Megale Ekklesia at that time, gained its closest appearance to its current appearance as a result of the works of Anthemios from Tralles and Isidoros of Miletos, who were commissioned by Emperor Justinian. Hagia Sophia, whose construction was completed in 5 years and 10 months with the work of two architects, was the cathedral that was built in the shortest time in the world compared to other structures of that time.

Hagia Sophia Hotel Sultanahmet

Hagia Sophia Hotel Istanbul

  • Grand Bazaar


Among the places to visit in Istanbul, the Grand Bazaar is the place where you can find all the textures of Turkey together. Located in Beyazıt, the bazaar is known as the Grand Bazaar by foreign tourists. The Grand Bazaar was built during the reign of Mehmet the Conqueror and has been in existence for about 550 years.


  • Galata Tower


Galata Tower, one of the structures that make up the silhouette of Istanbul, welcomes so many tourists that there are always long queues in front of it. Galata Tower, which is among the oldest towers in the world, was built in the 500s at the request of the Byzantine Emperor Justinian.


  • Taksim square


When Istanbul is mentioned after Sultanahmet Square, Taksim Square comes to mind. Taksim Square, which is one of the most lively points of the city, is in the shape of a circle and there is the Republic Monument right in the middle. One side of this monument, which was built in 1928, is about the War of Independence, and the other side is about Turkey after the proclamation of the Republic. While Atatürk is with his soldiers on the side of the war, on the other side İsmet İnönü and Fevzi Çakmak are standing in their civilian clothes.


We have given you the information you would like to know about Hotel Hagia Sophia Istanbul above. We would be very happy if you share your opinions about the hotel or your experiences, if any, in the comments.

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