Huawei Is Having Hard Times!

by uchi-meshi

Huawei has achieved a very good momentum both in the smartphone industry and in other technology categories and has become one of the important names in the industry with the devices it has released one after the other. However, Huawei, which was exposed to many embargoes as a result of the company being accused of espionage in 2019, lost a large part of its market shares in almost every field to its competitors.

After 3 years, Huawei started to give signs of recovery gradually, both with its own chipsets and with the HarmonyOS operating system. Even from the United States, we were seeing moderate messages for Huawei’s partial pardon. However, the latest development may make this whole process even more complicated than before.

Huawei and technology


Huawei Is Dealing With Various Problems

Accordingly, it was announced that 2 Chinese officers paid a bribe of $ 61 to get information about the case from the American authorities during the lawsuit against a telecommunications company in the United States, and moreover, this bribe was transferred with Bitcoin.

While no explanation was made about the name of the telecommunications company in this statement made by the authorities, many sources, especially CNN and other media outlets, confirmed that the telecommunications company in question was Huawei.

On this development, it was talked about that bad days may begin again for Huawei and that the embargoes could be aggravated, let alone easing.

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