How Does A Foreigner Buy A House In Turkey?

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buy a house in Turkey

According to Article 35 of the Land Registry Law numbered 2644, foreign nationals can buy a house in Turkey, provided that they comply with legal restrictions. Foreigners do not need to have a residence permit in Turkey to purchase real estate. In Article 35 of the relevant law, the restrictions for foreigners to buy a house are given with the following expressions:


“Provided that legal restrictions are complied with, foreign national real persons who are citizens of the countries designated by the President of the Republic in cases required by the international bilateral relations and the country’s interests may acquire real estate and limited real rights in Turkey. You can find different house for sale in İstanbul. The total amount of real estate acquired by foreign real persons and limited real rights of an independent and permanent nature Its area cannot exceed ten percent of the district are subject to private property and thirty hectares per person throughout the country.

buy a house in Turkey

Buy a house in Turkey

What do foreigners who want to buy a house in Turkey need to know?

Foreign nationals who want to buy a house in Turkey should obtain the following information before the sale process:

It is necessary to find out which country’s citizens can purchase real estate in Turkey by applying to the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre (Foreign Affairs Department), Land Registry Directorates, or Embassies/Consulates of the Republic of Turkey.

It is necessary to confirm that the residence to be purchased is not within the borders of the military security zone. This information can be obtained by asking the authorized command by the Land Registry Directorate. Property for sale in Turkey Istanbul has widely scala. If the real estate is within the borders of the security zone, it is not possible to sell houses to foreigners.

After obtaining information about the restrictions imposed on the purchase of the real estate by foreigners in Turkey, the sale can be made.


What are the things that foreign nationals need to pay attention to when buying a house?

The issues that foreign nationals who want to buy real estate in Turkey should pay attention to are as follows:

It should be learned whether the house to be purchased has a situation that prevents the sale, such as a mortgage or foreclosure. This information can be obtained from the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre.

An agreement should be made with an intermediary company whose reliability is assured.

In case of disagreement between the parties regarding the sale of real estate, it is necessary to file a lawsuit in the courts of the Republic of Turkey.

Making a preliminary sales contract in the presence of a notary public is not sufficient for sales. Official transactions must be carried out at the land registry offices.

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