Most Popular Arabic Food in Kuwait City

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Kuwait cuisine

Kuwaiti Cuisine is a cuisine based on rice, meat, and fish. Kuwaitis consume a lot of rice. Almost every table has rice pilaf. They eat pilaf with various sauces and various meats. These meats are lamb, mutton, chicken, and pigeon.

Kuwaitis eat bread, cheese, olives, eggs, and sometimes fried meat for breakfast and always drink tea with it.

Lunch and dinner are usually similar. Rice is always on the table in various forms. Salty and sweet, in the oven, on the stove, with meat or simply cooked, it always takes its place on the table.

The reason why a lot of rice is consumed in Kuwait is that Kuwaiti merchants used to barter with Indian merchants and buy rice in exchange for many supplies. This rice is mostly Basmati rice.

Due to the fact that Kuwait is surrounded by the sea on three sides, there is a wide variety of fish species. Therefore, Kuwaitis consume a lot of fish. The most commonly eaten fish are “gugurfan, shehen, wahar, Beyah, chanad” and the most well-known Kuwaiti fish is “zubaidi”. In Kuwait, fish is prepared by a charcoal fire, steaming, frying, or in the oven.

In Kuwaiti Cuisine, as in all Gulf Countries Cuisine, the influence of Indian Cuisine is seen.

The similarities between the civilization remnants in the valley of India and the remnants of civilization in the Gulf can be considered as one of the reasons explaining the influence of the Indian Cuisine in Kuwaiti Cuisine. Due to the influence of Indian cuisine, Kuwaitis use a lot of spices. Especially dried lemon, namely loomi, dried lemon powder, saffron, laurel, thyme, cardamom, clove, coriander, cumin, coconut grater, casia, ginger, black pepper, castor saffron, and cinnamon are among the most used spices of this cuisine. Kuwaitis make a mixture they call “Spice” by mixing spices in various ways. They use this “Spice” in meat, chicken, and fish dishes. In addition to the dishes they cook with these various spices, Kuwaitis eat Khoubiz as bread.

Dessert has a very important place in Kuwaiti cuisine. They use a lot of dates and rose water in their desserts. The most important desserts of Kuwait are lokma and Belesim, which is a kind of small and thin tulumba dessert. Kuwaitis eat these sweets not only after a meal but also with tea and coffee. Especially when guests come, these sweets are always on the table.

Coffee culture is very developed in Kuwait. The color of coffee drunk alone is almost green. Green coffee beans are ground mixed with cardamom and cloves, then boiled with water and served with the teapot, which is special for this coffee.

Let’s take a look at the most preferred local dishes in Kuwait.

Kuwait cuisine

Kuwait cuisine


One of the dishes of Indian cuisine, marag is one of the flavors that answers the question of what to eat in Kuwait… We definitely recommend you to try this delicious dish where lamb meat and spices meet.

 Kuwaiti Biryani

Biryani, which is available in different types in the Middle East and Africa, is a very delicious dish. This meal, which consists of chicken placed as a whole on rice made with spices and nuts, is quite satisfying.


Haares, one of the popular dishes of the Arabian Peninsula, is formed by cooking coarse wheat until it reaches a puree consistency. You must taste this delicious dish served after pouring melted butter in the middle.


In addition to being a Greek dish, Dakos is also very popular in Kuwait. If you ask what this flavor consists of, it comes out with the combination of tomato sauce on toasted bread with cheese and olive oil. You can choose this delicious taste for breakfast.


Seafood is frequently used in meals in Kuwait, a country by the sea. This delicious dish that combines shrimp and rice is one of the delicious flavors we recommend you to try.


This dessert, where the fried dough meets cold sherbet, is known as lokma in Turkey. Luqaimat is a syrupy flavor that will be good for your sweet cravings.

Balah Al-Sham

Balah el sham, in which small pieces of dough are fried in hot oil, is a dessert frequently consumed in Turkey. Known as Tulumba dessert, this dessert is one of Kuwait’s favorite flavors.

Apart from the food cultures, the coffee culture is very developed in Kuwait. The color of coffee drunk alone is almost green. Green coffee beans are ground mixed with cardamom and cloves, then boiled with water and served with the teapot, which is special for this coffee.

When they go to any house in Kuwait, they immediately offer coffee. If this coffee is rejected, the host will be very offended. Therefore, it is necessary to accept and drink coffee at least three times. If a piece of coffee is left without drinking in the coffee, it is a sign that the coffee is no longer wanted.

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