What is Cash Register POS?

by uchi-meshi

Cash register POS, in short, is a device born from the combination of two devices with POS and cash register features. Here, the term “POS” refers to the device used to receive the payment when making payments with EFT POSs, that is, credit and ATM cards.
The feature of these devices; when you pay electronically with a credit card or ATM card, it sends the records of the payment to the database of the RA and issues a receipt instantly. Thus, the records related to the payment are instantly taken, backed up and stored. While this records the taxation processes, the electronicization of the audit aims to prevent unregistered sales (hence tax evasion).

Are ÖKC and cash register POS the same thing?

ÖKC; It is an abbreviation of the phrase “payment recorder device”. Of course, you can record payments using any device or software; however, what is considered a payment recording device in the eyes of the relevant institution of the state, namely the Ministry of Finance, is important. This is the source of the ÖKC and new generation ÖKC discussions, which have been on the agenda especially recently.
You can find our article about the regulations determining the characteristics of ÖKCs and the past, present and future of the relevant process here.
The purpose of the changes made by the government regarding ÖKCs is to reduce informal trade and money exchange. For this reason, the GİB makes the necessary changes and arrangements in order to gradually transfer as many taxpayers as possible, and even all taxpayers if possible, to this system.


What are the cash register POS brands?

In order for a payment recorder device to be considered as an official ÖKC in the eyes of the GİB; It doesn’t have to be a specific brand, model or format. It must comply with the regulations of the GİB that determine the qualifications of the payment recording devices.

What should be the qualifications of ÖKCs according to the RA regulations?

The regulations of the GİB determine many factors such as how the cash register POS will record the payments, how and at what intervals they will be sent to the GİB database, and how the sent data will be encrypted. Especially in this change or transition period we are in, this issue is an issue that should be handled delicately, especially by businesses that plan to purchase payment recording devices.
It is possible to reach the regulations and communiqués published by GİB on the subject on the website of the institution.

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