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by uchi-meshi
food engineers chamber wants

The Chamber of Food Engineers issued a written statement, asking for employment for food engineers waiting to be appointed, saying that the number of food engineers in the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is insufficient.

The level of development of a country; It is directly proportional to the level of development in engineering service areas, which are public services, and the services that that country deserves from the members of this profession.

In the shadow of crisis conditions and employment problems, our colleagues have to deal with another fundamental challenge. The name of this challenge is the Public Personnel Selection Examination (KPSS). Employment in the public sector is presented as a door of hope due to unemployment, low wage policy, insecure and flexible working conditions.

Unfortunately, being successful in this exam, in which 3 million people participate, is unfortunately not a sufficient criterion in order to be employed as a technical staff in the public sector. Results are often determined by arbitrary and abusive interviews when entering institutions.

It is an incomplete assessment that the contraction in employment in the public sector is explained by the economic crisis that has been expressed in recent years. It is observed that employment in the public sector also decreased or did not increase in proportion to the population during periods when the economic crisis was not “spoken”, indicating a continuous contraction.

food engineers chamber wants

The President of the Chamber of Food Engineers evaluated the upcoming 2021 Food Engineering Congress!

“There is a need for 5.4 million public employees in Turkey”

It is clearly seen that the number of public employees throughout the country does not meet the need. While an average of one public employee is employed for every 15 people in OECD member countries, this figure is one for every 36 people in our country. Considering this figure, there is a need for 5 million 400 thousand public employees in Turkey at the moment.

The average number of public employees subject to technical services class among the total personnel working in the public sector is around 4-5% and this ratio is quite insufficient. When the population growth throughout the country is taken into account, secure employment in the public sector has decreased by 20% in the last 18 years.


“The number of food engineers in the Ministry is insufficient!”

According to the 2020 Activity Report of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry; As of 31.12.2020, it was stated that a total of 1,356,643 official controls were carried out in food establishments and 7,137 control officers took part in these controls, but only 1,917 of this number were food engineers.

Not all of the 7,137 control officers recorded in the aforementioned report are actively working in the field. Considering that the personnel who transferred to different units or different branches of the Ministry for various reasons are also included in this number, it is a fact that the number of our colleagues, especially in the staff of food engineers and working only in the food inspection business due to their titles, is insufficient.

Due to the low rate of control officers and the importance of food inspections, the official controls of food enterprises should be carried out by food engineers and the employment of food engineers in all relevant public institutions, especially the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, should be increased.


“Tens of thousands of engineers are waiting for assignment”

In order for the number of public employees to meet the need, tens of thousands of engineers who are waiting for appointment should be employed. All kinds of sexist, sectarian, racist and other discriminations in the recruitment and promotion stages of public employees should be ended. In order to be able to work in the public sector, the principles of competence and merit must be tied to concrete measurable criteria from employment to retirement. Despite the pro-staffing, discrimination and arbitrariness experienced with the interview practices that have been popularized recently, KPSS should not be disabled in recruitment.

Public administrator appointment preferences should also be based on competence and merit, continuity in institutionalization in public administration should be ensured, and institutional memory in the public should not be destroyed by permanent ministry and unit location and task changes.

The understanding that public services are carried out through precarious, rented, subcontracted, temporary and contracted personnel should be abandoned immediately. Permanent, secure appointment should be made by allocating cadres in the public sector.

“Work life is getting brutal!”

In summary; working life is getting brutal day by day, exploitation is intensifying. Labor and people-oriented, a secure working life and a secure future; It is a basic need for all workers, including us engineers.

As can be seen from the Ministry’s own data, the number of food engineers is quite insufficient. In order to ensure food safety in our country, the employment of food engineers in the public sector should be increased and pending appointments should be made.


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