Grubhub offers diners benefits to offset late deliveries and lower competitor prices

by uchimeshi
  • Grubhub launched its newest feature, the Grubhub Guarantee, on Monday, promising on-time delivery and the lowest price compared to its competitors. according to a press release.
  • If an order arrives late, Grubhub will offer Grubhub Gaurantee Benefits of at least $5 that can be redeemed for a future order. If a restaurant finds a better price for a Grubhub order at another third-party delivery service, Grubhub will pay the customer up to $10 the difference and provide the GHG Benefits of $5. according to the company website. The benefits granted are not funded by the restaurant but by Grubhub.
  • Grubhub said its latest feature will help maintain the restaurant reputation and create better dining experiences. Diners often blame both the restaurant and delivery provider if they have a bad experience with their order.

Grubhub’s on-time delivery guarantee can be a particular differentiator, as the food delivery segment struggles with driver shortages, and many drivers are reluctant to complete orders when customers don’t tip. According to WCPO reports, some customers complain of a two hour wait and cold food.

“Restaurants work incredibly hard to create the best experience for diners, and we help protect the reputation of our restaurant partners through the Grubhub Guarantee,” Grubhub CEO Adam DeWitt said in a press release. Said. “We take the brand reputation of restaurants seriously and we believe the Grubhub Guarantee will help restaurants grow their online business.”

Grubhub is also highlighting this new feature with an extensive marketing campaign that includes a national TV ad that can help raise awareness among restaurant partners. Influential athletes such as Alex Morgan, Allyson Felix, Caeleb Dressel, Hunter Woodhall and Tara Davis will create unique content across social channels that reflect the campaign’s theme of consistency for good performance.

The Grubhub Guarantee can also help increase customer loyalty, especially since the Granted Benefits will help bring diners back to the platform as they must be used within 30 days of being issued. Grubhub struggles to regain market share Since the DoorDash chain passed Following aggressive expansion plans in 2019. As of May, DoorDash had 57% of monthly food delivery sales and Grubhub’s 17%. According to SecondMeasure.

The company is also working on diversification, partnership with a Las Vegas hotel in June to facilitate meal orders instead of traditional in-room dining. Grubhub plans to start delivering food on select college campuses in the fall. automated robots also. Last year, he added a technology suite focused on pickup orders and thrown subscription service Grubhub+. recently announced Grubhub Direct, which offers a commission-free option for independent restaurants to create their own online ordering website.

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