Relationship Between B Vitamins And Nervous System

by uchi-meshi
B Vitamins benefits

B vitamins and other vitamins are very important for people’s daily life. It is necessary to open a separate parenthesis for B group vitamins. Because it plays a key role in human health, especially in the nervous system.

Therefore, getting the right amount of B vitamins is vital. Because this heart, mood, performance, digestive system has a direct effect on It is divided into different groups such as vitamin B12, B9, and B1.

What is good for B12 deficiency? What foods are good for vitamin B12 deficiency?

While B vitamins do not provide energy directly, they help the body effectively use carbohydrates, fats and proteins as fuel, which will be converted into energy in the mitochondria through digestion and absorption.

They dissolve in water and are quickly absorbed into the body, but are not stored in the body for long. But there is an exception. Vitamin B12 and folate are stored in the liver.

B group vitamins are important for the brain. Even minimal B vitamin deficiency affects brain activity. It affects thinking, concentration and emotions. B vitamins help convert glucose, the body’s fuel, into energy. This is why fatigue and mood swings are the main symptoms of vitamin B deficiency.

B Vitamins benefits

What are the benefits of B vitamins

How Much Vitamin B12 Should Be Consumed Daily? Which Foods Contain B12?

B vitamins provide cell formation. It is involved in the normal development of nerve cells called neurons. Therefore, it has tasks that improve memory, intelligence, concentration and learning.

It also plays a very important role in glucose metabolism, which is known as the fuel of the brain. In vitamin B deficiency, symptoms such as fatigue, forgetfulness, numbness in the hands and feet, anemia, anxiety and depression occur.

Here are foods rich in B vitamins

The most well-known source of B vitamins is fish. In fact, the hypothesis that eating fish strengthens memory is related to the fact that it is rich in B vitamins. Red meat, poultry and eggs are also rich in B vitamins.

Cereals and nuts are also rich in this vitamin. Bananas, avocados, and oranges are also fruits that contain B vitamins.

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