5 Tips for Choosing the Right POS

by uchi-meshi
pos system

Point of sale (POS) systems are at the forefront of food & beverage operations. However, this essential component is often overlooked at the planning stage. POS systems are an indispensable part of operations in terms of performing important operations such as making sales, stock tracking and productivity measurement.
POS systems differ from restaurant to cafe, from club to catering company. To determine your business needs, first determine the characteristics of your business such as size, style, location. Check out the POS solutions used by businesses like yours.

pos system
Before choosing a POS, you can take advantage of these 5 suggestions:
1. Cost

Choosing the right POS system the first time will benefit you in the future. Most businesses start out with an inexpensive POS system. After 12 months, it transitions to a more robust, more feature-packed and more reliable POS system. Purchasing 2 systems is not only more costly, but also incurs additional costs such as malfunctions and reduced functionality.
Get started with a buildable, basic setup. If you purchase a POS system from a company that also offers additional POS software and hardware, such as inventory management software or a kitchen display system, you will have both a seamless integration and a single point of support for all systems.
2. Quality

the quality of a system; It determines both the experience it offers to its user and the fact that it has proven itself in a certain field. If you need a restaurant POS system, contact companies that provide POS systems to restaurants of similar size. Make sure the manufacturer has enough experience in the industry by doing your research. It is also helpful to use references.
3. Additional equipment

While customer pagers and kitchen display systems are attractive, start with a basic system. Receipt printer and cash drawer are the main additional equipment you will need; scanners, scales and other digital media hardware will be needed for certain operations or as your business grows. Make sure your supplier has the flexibility to grow with you and integrates with 3rd party applications.
4. Installation

The POS software should be updated by the supplier, and the necessary training should be provided for you to manage your system in the long term. A simple cafe operation that starts with a basic POS system may need a more complex system in the future that includes credit/debit card payments, digital signature, mobile ordering, kitchen display system and customer loyalty program. For this reason, you will need a POS system that grows with your business.
5. Support

Support, which is a very critical factor in POS selection; It should be local, on-site and accessible when you need it. You shouldn’t have to deal with 3rd party support services. POS support should cover both software and hardware; It should also apply during your busiest times such as evenings, weekends and public holidays.
By choosing the right POS in the light of these recommendations, you can quickly reap the rewards of your investment and increase your efficiency, effectiveness and sales.

Protel is always with you for your POS system needs. Thanks to the solutions to be offered by Protel, you can start a new and digital era in your business quickly and increase your service quality and efficiency.

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