Listening to Music Before Sleeping Can Make It Hard to Fall Asleep!

by uchi-meshi
listening to music

Listening to music before going to sleep has become part of the sleep routine for many people. However, listening to music while sleeping may not make much sense for sleep health.

Research Doesn’t Recommend Listening to Music Before Sleep

In the first phase of the study, 199 participants answered a questionnaire that included questions such as their sleep quality, what time of the day they listen to music, the frequency of listening to music, which type of music they prefer to listen to, and whether the music they listen to is often stuck in their minds. According to the results of the survey, 87% of the participants stated that they believe that listening to music before sleep improves their sleep quality. However, when compared to those who listened to music less frequently, it was determined that the sleep quality of the participants who stated that they listened to music more often was worse and they felt sleepy more often during the day. 77% of the participants stated that they frequently experience a melody stuck in their minds. The results showed that frequent listening to music increased the likelihood of a tune getting stuck in the mind more at bedtime than during the daytime. This negatively affects sleep quality.

The researchers conducted their second experiment in the sleep lab. In the laboratory, participants’ brain waves, blood oxygen levels, breathing patterns, and heart rates were measured during sleep. The participants, who spent the night in the sleep lab, randomly listened to the verbal and non-verbal versions of three popular songs. Afterwards, the participants were asked if they had a melody in their minds. In addition, with the measurements made, it was tried to determine whether this situation affected the sleep quality of the participants.

listening music before sleeping

Listening to Music

As a result, people who stated that they listened to music to regulate their mood during the survey study stated that when they listened to music during the sleep test, their stress levels decreased and they relaxed. In addition, it was determined that the blood pressure of the participants decreased while listening to and after listening to music. But data on its effect on sleep quality showed that listening to music before falling asleep caused some sleep problems by causing the tune to get stuck in the mind. For example, it was determined that problems such as difficulty falling asleep, staying awake for longer periods of time during the night and shortening of deep sleep duration were observed. The researchers also found an interesting result: participants who listened to instrumental music were more likely to be stuck in the mind than those who listened to music with lyrics. In other words, listening to instrumental music before sleep affected sleep quality worse.

In the third experiment, the brain activity of the participants during sleep was examined. As a result, it was observed that a slow fluctuation occurred in the brains of the participants who experienced the repetition of a melody in their minds during sleep. Researchers think these findings point to memory restructuring that takes place during sleep.

During sleep, the information we learn during the day, the experiences and memories we have are processed by the brain regions associated with memory. Researchers suggest that the music we listen to before sleep continues to be processed in our brain even when we are asleep. In this case, the melody repeats in our minds and can disrupt the quality of sleep.

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