What Should We Do As We Enter The New Year?

by uchi-meshi

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0! We are leaving another year behind and entering a brand new year. We have made many beginnings, good and bad. Whatever it is, we have great expectations for this new year. Regardless of profession, income or cultural status, it is a time when we all share similar feelings. Although some of us are more hopeful, some of us are more pessimistic…

Christmas preparations have already begun. Many of us are making plans for a nice New Year’s Eve organization with our loved ones. Some of us cannot be included in the plans because they work that night. Many businesses organize Christmas packages, discounts, and create special menus. Streets and shop windows are decorated, concepts are changing, even if we don’t believe it, a “New Year’s excitement” surrounds us all. Some are last minute, some protest and go to bed early. One way or another, there is no one who does not think about New Year’s Eve, we are sure.

From the years when we spent most of the New Year’s Eve in front of the television… When we say who in the world and how is entering the New Year; Australia’s celebrations with fireworks are one of our unforgettable… But there are much more interesting rituals:

In South Africa, old household items are thrown out of the window “to bring luck”, and the new year is entered with new items. Christmas trees are burned in the streets of the Netherlands “to drive away the evil spirits of the past year”, ropes are hung in front of houses in Japan, the new year is entered with laughter. In China, houses are cleaned. Children are given money in red envelopes “to bring luck”. In Romania, the bear People wearing the pelt roam the streets and dance. It is believed that those who eat a spoonful of lentils in the middle of the night in Chile will have a productive business life. In Spain, 12 grapes are swallowed at 00.00 so that wishes come true.

Rituals are countless, wishes are similar. Even though we know it will not be possible, let it be a peaceful, successful and peaceful year. May diseases and poverty end, discrimination and evil stay away.


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