What is ASMR?

by uchi-meshi

Consider the Coca Cola bottle, the world’s most recognizable and recognizable shape after the egg. The lid is opened, ice is poured into the glass and the coke is slowly poured into the glass. It is swallowed and drunk and then a deep ‘oh’ is taken. We’ve seen it on TV for years. And most of us have been drinking every time.

ASMR is actually an acronym of, Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. Meaning, Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It can also be called cerebral orgasm, spine tingling and brain massage. In summary, it is a type of sound that releases endorphins and has a relaxing effect.

One of the most popular concepts of the last period. It owes its popularity to Youtube. This type of sound, which is generally said to be listened to for sleep, meditation or relaxation, includes the sound of eating, the sound of haircut, speaking in a whisper, tapping an object and so on.

‘Mukbang’ videos are the most popular. Youtubers just sit in front of the camera and eat. Viewers focus on the sound of eating and their appetite is whetted. The people who make these sounds are called ASMRtists.


What is an ASMR?

‘Slime’, which we can call a kind of dough, which is indispensable especially for children under the age of 12, owes its popularity to ASMRs. Kids stop playing with slime, they can watch these ASMRs for hours.

Mindwell is an app for $10 per month that offers its users meditation with hypnotic monologues, customizable tones and various modes. In addition, the HeadSpace application offers its users guided breathing exercises and relaxation techniques.

Although ASMR’s largest market is based on producing content for the digital world, it is not limited to this. Acoustic Sheep is the first ASMR headset designed for use while sleeping.

ASMR has started to take its place in the art world as well. Nato Thompson, artistic director of Philadelphia Contemporary, established the first ASMR film festival in 2018. “There’s a huge difference between art lovers who find ASMR interesting, weird, and wild, and marketing teams just trying to make money,” Thompson said. says.

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