Tips for Making Coffee with French Press

by uchi-meshi
French press coffee

Coffee, which is among the most consumed beverages all over the world, was first discovered by Ethiopian shepherds in the 9th century and has survived to the present day by adding fame. Considered a culture on its own, coffee offers hundreds of different options in itself, and among these, the most consumed type is filter coffee. Filter coffee, which is first brewed like tea and then filtered, can be prepared in different ways. But there is a very practical method of preparing filter coffee without using a machine; Using French Press.

Coffee Selection for the French Press


Coffee; bean types vary in itself according to the regions where they are grown and roasting levels, and you only need to taste them to choose coffee, as each one has a different flavor.

Although coffee beans are handled in four groups as Arabica, Robusta, Liberica and Excelse, they are basically divided into two as Arabica and Robusta. While Arabica coffee has less caffeine with a softer and fruity aroma, Robusta coffee has about 1.5 times more caffeine than Arabica with a stronger, bitter and earthy burnt aroma. The bean type known as Liberica is grown in a very limited area in the Philippines, so it is not preferred by most people due to less production and not being better in taste.

French press coffee

In addition, the soil structure, fruits and spices in the region where the coffee is grown also make a difference in the flavor of the beans, so they are separated from each other as Ethiopia, Colombia and Guatemala when buying. When evaluated in these three main regions, those coming from Africa have softer and floral aromas, those coming from America have a medium hardness and cocoa calling, and those coming from Asia have the strongest fragrant and earthy aroma.

When choosing coffee, the way the coffee is roasted and the grinding rate are just as important as the bean. At this stage, which affects the flavor and hardness of the coffee, you can choose according to the way it is roasted and the grinding rate. Although the coffee selection may seem long and complicated, you must first say “Taste is an excuse, the coffee is amazing!” to choose from among delicious coffees. and then “Coffee is an excuse, conversation is great!”.

If you have chosen your coffee, all you have to do now is to prepare your filter coffee using French Press in just 4 minutes!

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