The Trend of Recent Years is About the Gastronomy Profession

by uchi-meshi
gastronomy trends in recent years

The interest in cooking, which is one of today’s popular professions, is increasing. However, in recent years, it has started to be called gastronomy, not this name.

When we think of gastronomy, we don’t just think of food. Because gastronomy has to do with art, culture, taste, visuality and science…

So much so that some of them only research dishes that have survived from ancient times and preserve their historical texture with it. Others make their presentations by preserving and keeping the traces of the past alive in the dishes where their family has eaten for years.

So much so that visuality, taste or location is more important, and we have been thinking a lot in recent years! In fact, do you sometimes think of whether we eat to live or do we live to eat?

gastronomy trends in recent years

Do you know people around you who gave up all their careers and took up the restaurant business and became interested in becoming a gastronome because they enjoyed cooking?

In fact, it would not be wrong to associate this profession with art. Should it be sarcastic or schooled?

I think it will be quite difficult to find the answer to this concept as we hear about world-class successful chefs who fall into both groups.

It is possible to say that there are difficulties in this profession, as in every profession, and that there is a possibility of experiencing burnout after a while.

Yes, although gastronomy is a very magical and attractive world, you may encounter various difficulties in the kitchen. So much so that when we say cooking, we think of making delicious presentations to ourselves or to our guests who come to the house, but the color of the work is a little different. Serving standard plates to hundreds of people in a limited time period should not be for every brave man.

In order to be a good gastronome, it is very important to be successful in practice as well as technique. In fact, when issues such as competition and profit margin are included in the business, will you still want to do this profession?

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