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by uchi-meshi
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Which of us did not want to run a cafe or restaurant at some point in our lives, either to hang out with our friends or because we were bored with the monotonous work we did?

Dreams are beautiful, but is it as easy as it is thought to make it happen? I will tell you a little about the tricks of restaurant and cafe management…

Let’s see if this job is really a job like your dreams or if it’s very difficult at this job, will you think it’s best to continue my job and put this issue on the shelf so that it will not be brought up again?

When you decide to run a restaurant or cafe, of course, the first thing you need to do is decide what kind of place you want to open. Restaurant/Cafe? Are you going to create a new brand or do you want to open a branch of a known business chain? For example, if you decide to open a restaurant from scratch, you need to decide what you want to serve your guests in your restaurant.

best restaurants

Yes, we made our decision and now it’s time for what we should do at the beginning;

  • To have information about legal and health permits, to make necessary applications,
  • Accounting-payroll-salary etc. get expert support for applications
  • If we are going to do ERP-CRM software or all these ourselves to increase sales, we must make a plan!
  • Adjusting the income-expenditure balance well is an important step for your survival and the continuation of your business, even if you cannot make a profit in 1-1.5 years.

After we have projected the details about your business in our minds, the most important step is the choice of location. Now, many of you think that the turnover of the famous centers of Istanbul is very high. However, when we examine the net profits and the number of guests, we can see that they compete with the famous venues of Istanbul in many parts of Anatolia.

Venue and theme selection should be done correctly;

It should be ensured that the setup of the space and its design are compatible with each other. Contrary to popular belief, the crowd of tables outside reduces the appearance of the place and prevents your guests from seeing the place.

Let’s come to your employees;

Personnel selection is very important. Your bilateral relations with your personnel should be strong, but at the same time, you should provide the chain of command. You have to be transparent and make them feel like they are part of the team. In addition, you should bring up the mistakes you have made in your meetings so that you can show them that everyone can make mistakes, and you should not hesitate to apologize when necessary. This behavior will lead them and encourage them to share their mistakes. Balance is very important in this regard. Problems such as a bad meal that day – a disrupted service – a dirty toilet should be dealt with immediately.

You should also ensure that your staff pay special attention to issues such as being friendly to your guests and having a good command of the menu, and that the customer who asks for an account is never kept waiting. Golden ruleè Never forget to appreciate your employee whose success you see and to encourage him/her for his/her success!

Creating Menus and more…

While creating your menus, first of all, menus suitable for your organizational purpose should be preferred and the prices on the menu should always be up-to-date.

You should not forget that the secret of big chains is their systematic work.

How to promote;

It is very important to use fast internet and social media in your business. You should never forget that; For every new business opened, one closes in its first year. More important than finding new guests is to ensure that your current guests remain loyal to your business.

Let’s say your guest ordered a pizza and somehow expressed dissatisfaction with the first slice. If you bring him a new pizza or a different dish to choose from the menu, your apparent damage will be at most one pizza. However, when you consider your advertising and promotion budget and brand value, this damage will be insignificant. Keep in mind that each guest is 5% likely to add new guests to your business…

Make sure to take time to review food trends and marketing statistics. When you do this, your business will be open and successful for years to come.

In fact, purchasing specialist software for a business management will increase your success. While there are so many things to do and think about, it is impossible not to forget all these and not encounter any problems.

This type of software not only schedules time to improve your management style, but also helps you simplify and organize the way you schedule/track/communicate with your employees. It ensures that you don’t make mistakes that might anger your guests, such as booking conflicts and double accounts.

If you have done all the things that should be done, you should not forget that of course 🙂

As a business owner, your energy is very, very important. To keep your energy high, you can do a half-hour jog or walk outdoors at least 3 times a week.

Even if you fail, as Auguste RODIN said;

“Nothing is a waste of time as long as you use experience wisely.

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