Post Coronavirus Restaurant Decoration

by uchi-meshi
restaurants after covid 19 pandemic

These days will of course pass and we will continue our lives with new experiences, even if not where we left off. That’s why, let’s get ready for the future: In this article, we got an expert opinion on what will happen in the architecture of spaces in the new period.

Although eating and drinking places such as restaurants and cafes have many dynamics within themselves in terms of architecture, it seems that the direction of design trends after Covid 19 will also change.

Whether there are rules or not, some issues will continue to be careful for a while. It would be the right choice to maintain the reduced number of tables for social distance, and to focus on outdoor use if possible. At this point, the indoor box system can also be a good alternative.

restaurants after covid 19 pandemic

restaurants after coronavirus

Of course, the subject of interior architecture is not limited to decoration alone. In this new period, it may not be enough to make changes in this field alone. Establishing air filtration and neutralization systems for spaces and creating cleaning rooms with antiseptic dispensers can be a correct measure for both sterilization of the space and circulation of people entering and leaving the environment. Thus, it will be possible to neutralize the viruses in the air coming from the outside and to be purged from dust and dirty materials and given to the inside.

For sterilization and disinfection, UV led lamps, which are extremely simple and economical to apply, can also be preferred to be used during the hours when the enterprises are closed. The reason for using it during non-working times is that it has been scientifically proven to cause damage to human skin and eyes if it is nearby or in the same environment.

In the design part of the work, material selections will be more specific from now on. Without joint gaps, epoxy, pvc, etc. If possible, non-particle/few pieces, antibacterial and natural materials will be preferred. Smooth applications should be made on the surfaces, and surfaces that are easier to clean should be created. Simpler, more natural designs will be the starting point for shaping restaurants in the near future.

It may be right to reduce accessories in existing businesses.

Natural sunlight should be utilized as much as possible in places, and if it is not suitable, daylight color lighting should be preferred instead of white light, which we prefer more in hospitals.

The motto of the famous architect Ludwing Mies, who lived between 1886-1969 and had his signature in more than 50 architectural structures, seems to shape the architectural understanding of the new era.

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