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This month, we turned our route to Mise Coffee, one of the new and popular businesses of Istanbul. Mise Coffee, located in Deposite AVM, one of the companies with Denge; A stylish place with delicious filter coffees…

Levent Karamişe, the manager of this successful and stylish place, is with you…

Could you briefly tell us about your business? When was it founded, what did you think when you started this business?

Of course… After working in the financial sector for many years, I decided to open a coffee shop as a coffee lover. This initiative of mine was actually a breakthrough that everyone dreams of in the financial sector. I started working as a franchisee of a coffee company in 2012. That’s when I first met Arkhe. Today, at the beginning of 2019, I continue with the brand that I established myself.

best cafes in istanbul

What is the most important feature that makes your business different from other businesses?

A good question… As I just mentioned, I love my job in a field that I have dreamed of. I have come to these days by improving myself and my goals in the coffee industry for 7 years. When this period is adapted to a single field, it means a serious time and experience. Coffee, on the other hand, is a completely different culture… What makes us different is that we all behave like customers. We try to understand the people who come and try not to let our customers experience the things that we want not done to ourselves.

In fact, you are moving forward with empathy, and this is the secret of your success, isn’t it?

Yes, it’s very right to empathize, which is exactly what we do… For example, we don’t give people coffee that we don’t consume ourselves. If we don’t like the taste, we destroy it. So we taste it ourselves first and if we like it, we recommend it to people. If success is meant to be preferred and admired, yes, the secret of our success is to empathize and constantly update ourselves and our knowledge.

What do you need to do well in this industry? What advice would you give to new entrepreneur candidates who want to enter the sector?

In fact, as I mentioned, the secret of our success is to empathize, to follow the work well, to work hard and to research constantly. For those who want to enter the sector, namely entrepreneur candidates; I recommend them to move forward with sure and firm steps.

What do you think are the most fundamental problems of the food and beverage industry? Are you optimistic or pessimistic about the future of the industry, Why?

I think the biggest problem of the sector is the lack of trained human resources and intermediate staff. A structure that raises human resources has not been formed yet. Everyone continues their life with hearsay information. Unfortunately, there is no knowledge-based structure. On the other hand, there is no business potential that can meet the demands of trained personnel. Unfortunately, there are limited resources. Of course, if we talk about the future, I think that the welfare level of the society should be increased in order to talk about the future of the food and beverage sector. There must be an increase in per capita income. Of course, if we go into this subject, it is necessary to talk for long hours. In summary, life will go on, we should not think short.

Why did you choose Arkhe? What did this choice bring to your business? Can you evaluate the before and after?

The reason why we chose Arkhe is purely emotional 🙂 Aside from humor, it was preferred because it was a kind and understanding team that knew the dynamics of the industry and produced on-site solutions. It is quite difficult to find these features together… I can say that I have easily carried out all my activities in the sector with Arkhe Software Technologies. In short, there is a well-equipped and helpful team there.

What do you think is the biggest feature that distinguishes Arkhe from its competitors?

Explains the communication. Being able to reach him 24/7 and being in contact with someone who really tries to solve his problem when he does is another source of trust. Thanks Arche…

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