Things to Know About Gluten-Free Diet

by uchi-meshi
gluten free

Gluten is actually a protein found in the wheat membrane. It has an effect that we can call “toxic” for those who have some health problems, especially Celiac patients. Apart from wheat, it is also found in barley, rye and oats due to contamination. Everything made from these has gluten. All the bakery products you can think of, all the foods cooked covered with bread crumbs we call Panko, all the soups bound with flour, all the appetizers and meatballs enriched with bread crumbs, noodle pilafs, all sweet-salty foods prepared with semolina and bulgur form.

Gluten is a great thickener, so it is often preferred as an additive in the food industry.

Unfortunately, those who are new to the gluten-free diet go through these stages in order. While we are slowly warming to the idea of ​​not eating bakery products, gluten comes out of almost every product on the market shelves. For example, do you know that it is even in nuts? Roasted nut products are roasted with flour so that salt and spices stick.

Who should eat gluten-free?

Arguments such as “why should anyone eat gluten-free?”, “this is the new trend”, “why nobody used to get sick” are a topic in their own right. So let me just say that if you are not celiac, you don’t have to avoid it so much. Gluten is harmful to everyone. Considering that, even removing or reducing bakery products from the diet will cause the disappearance of many ailments that you are probably not aware of.

If, like me, you had to eat gluten-free due to celiac disease, you should be careful about many of the issues I listed above and haven’t listed yet, and if possible, you should always carry safe gluten-free foods with you. Again, it’s a separate article, but; Although gluten-free menus are getting more popular, unfortunately, there are still very few places that offer celiac-safe options.

gluten free

What can celiac patients eat?

Good news; Anything without gluten! All vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, chicken, eggs, dairy products, gluten-free grains such as rice, quinoa, grecka, corn, nuts and legumes are all gluten-free. Bad news; As I mentioned above, there may be indirect gluten in foods made with these foods, due to cooking techniques or ingredients, such as gluten added while roasting nuts. Therefore, it is very important for an adult celiac to have advanced skills such as reading labels in the market and asking the right questions to the service personnel in restaurants.

  • Beat eggs, sugar and gluten-free flour thoroughly.
  • Melt the dark chocolate and butter together in the “ben mari” style.
  • Add the egg mixture and mix with the help of a spatula, preferably in a square baking dish.
  • Bake for 15 minutes in a preheated oven at 160 degrees, let it cool for at least 4 hours in the refrigerator and serve.

You can use any brand you want as a gluten-free flour mix. If you do not use a mixture, rice flour, cornstarch, raw buckwheat flour will also be suitable.

Couvertur chocolate does not contain gluten, but if you are celiac, please read labels carefully to find out if it contains “traces”.

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