Franchising in Turkey Loved the Food Industry

by uchi-meshi
franchising in turkey in food sector

The franchise continues to grow and develop with each passing year in Turkey and in the world. The rapid development of the franchise system brings with it new investments and collaborations. In the rapid growth of the system; Factors such as the amount of capital, the motivation of the entrepreneur, the standardization of the system, a recognized brand and control mechanism have a great impact.

This market is highly dynamic and conducive to growth. Features such as the dynamic nature of our economy, the high number of young people and our proximity to world markets ensure the rapid growth of this market.

franchising in turkey in food sector

For this reason, the number of brands with investment plans in our country is increasing. Expanding in the franchise sector in the Turkish market, the plans of Turkish brands are to expand throughout the country, and many of them want to show themselves in the world.

Food is the sector with the highest perception of franchising in our land. It is stated that 80 percent of chain enterprises are food. Döner, burger, meatballs, pizza and cafe were the prominent concepts in the Turkish food franchise market. Innovation and concept changes can be made in products. We are now seeing restaurants with larger spaces. Cafes with large gardens, restaurants with playgrounds are examples of these.

Creating enjoyable spaces has become an undeniable fact in today’s world where eating has become socializing. Brands have brought concepts to the forefront, apart from the product or the service they provide.

When we ask our people about Turkey’s largest franchisor food companies; Domino’s Pizza and Mado are among the brands that come to mind immediately.

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