Food and Drink Behaviours After Corona

by uchi-meshi
food and drink

These days will of course pass and we will continue our lives with new experiences, even if not where we left off. That’s why, let’s get ready for the future: In this article, we received an expert opinion on food and beverage, the importance of which we understand much better recently.

The food industry is one of the sectors most affected by the changing world order with the coronavirus epidemic.

Restaurants are closed, bakeries are partially open. Markets opened their doors wide. The rate of cooking at home has reached the highest level in the last 100 years. So much so that until 3 months ago, bread and pasta varieties made from cereals, which we snorted, became one of the best-selling and home-made products. Take-out and take-out services are on the rise. Even fine dining restaurants have started to offer takeaway.

Our houses are an important candidate to become our sacred castles. Food and beverage businesses trying to increase the rate of eating out – even if there is no new epidemic – will be able to reach their old earnings in 2 years at best.

Of course, we will go out, but the loss of income will reduce the rate that will be transferred to food and beverage. It is likely that they will stay out of the average and throw themselves in restaurants and suffer the days of the epidemic, but the majority will try to create new jobs and solutions to reach the old income level.

As our purchasing habits change, our preferences and priorities will undoubtedly change. Food security will gain another dimension. Serving will become a serious trust issue, especially for finicky customers. Our reservations about animal foods will increase. We will try not to eat raw food as much as possible, or we will prepare it ourselves at home.

The number of personnel will decrease, menus will change, business models will differ, and the sector will try to continue on its way with great wounds.

If we are doing a patisserie and bakery type business, we will definitely need to add baked frozen products somewhere in our business model. With the decrease in the number of personnel, it will be necessary to create more flavors with less variety. In other words, there will not be hundreds of different types of products in patisseries. If the infrastructure of our business is suitable, it is beneficial to invest in packaged products. Internet sales and branded videos will enter our lives more and more. As the square meters of businesses decrease, standing meals will be broadcast.

While promoting our brand, we will definitely have to transform it into a product and a taste, and brands that used to only serve in professional channels will now reach domestic consumers as well.

Local products with a story and healthy tastes will cease to be alternatives and enter the main product category.

food and drink

food and drink behaviors

If we are interested in gastronomy in different parts of Anatolia, we will definitely have to prepare and present everything on our menu, because; The fact that now the natural is in the village has been accepted by everyone.

In the future of the sector;
• Food safety is now ISO 22 thousand, we will see that there is nothing implemented by saying that the engineer is constantly ticking.
• The use of packaged 85% baked frozen products will increase.
• We should return to the motto that we have forgotten for many years, the menu is everything, and we should avoid the made-up menus called world cuisine.
• We should cook real food.
• Since the price range will decrease, bagel cafes and concepts where snacks are sold will also get their share of the trouble.
• Those who will face this job openly; those who cook real pot food, those who have healthy and delicious cuisine
• We will prepare more satisfying and healthy plates based on the fact that our food must now be our cure, which will spread to the restaurants in the functional food category.
• We will move away from unnecessary and exaggerated decorative elements.
• Bakeries and restaurants will quickly complete the infrastructure works required for takeaway.
• As in the whole service sector, venue arrangements will be made in accordance with the epidemic period.
• The value of neighborhood businesses will be appreciated. Food and beverage outlets in the shopping center will experience job losses.

In other words, in the new world order, we will see intense competition between local and technology-produced foods. Those who prefer natural for health and happiness will devote a significant part of their income to nutrition. For the low-income, on the other hand, we will continue to be satiated rather than fed with mediocre foods from mass agriculture. And for those of us who understand the importance of nutrition, real jobs, real pursuits will become important.

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