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Spada Coffee istanbul

We are at ‘Spada Coffee’, one of the most popular places of the district, in Teşvikiye, which has always had a special place in the hearts of Istanbulites and has made a difference in recent years with its food and beverage establishments. At the venue, which is among the companies with Denge, we tasted the coffees that they roasted their own beans and had a pleasant conversation with its founder Cumhur Kılıç. Defining Spada as an elite neighborhood coffee shop, Kılıç told us what else…

Hello, can you tell us about your business, when was Spada Coffee founded?

Spada Coffee was founded 3 years ago, towards the end of 2016. In a short time, it became a popular place in Teşvikiye and a must-visit place for people.

So, what did you think when you started this business, why the coffee industry?

I got into this business purely for fun and hobby. In fact, I can say that my hobbies and pleasures later turned into work. I started chasing good coffee. While chasing good coffee, “What, how is it made?” In a way, ‘Spada Coffee’ emerged with research and training in the style. My goal, and the main thing for me, was to chase after good coffee. That was the point I enjoyed and I am still pursuing it.

spada coffe istanbul

Then you like to drink coffee very much…

Of course I love to drink coffee. I love to drink good coffee, we love…

How nice… Your business name is Spada. Why?

Spada, the Italian of my surname… My surname is Kılıç… Actually, the interaction of coffee and sword creates a somewhat harsh image. It may be perceived as harsh as a logo or a name, but in the end, I wanted it to have a connection and meaning with me. So instead of a name consisting of a lot of meaningless foreign words, I preferred a name that is compatible with me.

I think you are doing this job alone, without a partner…


We see that there are many coffee shops in your area. What distinguishes you from the places in this neighborhood?

Here we differ more in our perspective on coffee. We want people to come to us for good coffee, not to eat something but just to drink coffee. We are actually exactly a Coffee Shop. Another difference is that we try to offer ever-changing farm coffees here. In short, we are trying to consume qualified cores. We offer different flavors rather than the same coffee throughout the year. We prefer beans that go through our own roasting profiles, that we have chosen and that can show their own characteristics. I think this is what distinguishes us from other Coffee Shops. There are bound to be other cafes that have our point of view. We also respect them. Almost all of them are our friends, our friends anyway.

What other treats do you have besides coffee? Asking for drink or food…

As I said, our main product is coffee, and breakfast is preferred in this location, especially in the mornings. We have sourdough bread toasts, we have several types of eggs. There are also pairings that can match with coffee, such as daily fresh cakes from our own kitchen, brownie and cheesecake.

Do you have another branch, as Spada?

As Spada Coffee, we do not have another branch for now. We only have production, elsewhere… We have production there and we also supply wholesale. At the same time, we supply wholesale seeds to coffee shops, cafes and restaurants. We are also considering another branch. Everyone definitely wants to branch out, they want to multiply. Of course, we also have a goal. But just branching out is a completely different thing. If we can reflect the spirit of Spada here, we would like to open it in a place where we believe in it.

What could it be?

In other words, it can be a more neighborhood place, just like here… Our location in Teşvikiye has a complete neighborhood and a local audience. There might be a more local place that caters to an audience like this one.

Mr. Cumhur, what is the secret of your success?

It will be very classic, but working hard, researching a lot, reading a lot and constantly improving ourselves…

What does it take to do well in this industry?

In order to do good work in this sector, it is necessary to provide good service, I think it is necessary to give good coffee. So you have to stand behind everything. We also stand behind every coffee we give to our customers, but sometimes the flavors we give may seem contradictory to the coffee flavors. It can be different from the coffee flavors that Turkish tastes are accustomed to. We also respect them. We also have more balance cores that can adapt to them.

Well, what would you recommend to entrepreneurs who want to make a new breakthrough in this sector and who want to take a journey on coffee? How should they start, how should they proceed? Do you think they should enter this industry?

I think everyone should go after what they love, be it work or something else, they should not leave it. But not blindly. They should definitely get education, develop themselves, read. It is not as it seems from the outside, they need to get into the business a little bit, it is necessary to know a little about the kitchen part. In fact, it is necessary to know until the cultivation of coffee. They should find a coffee shop and work. No matter how many investors, it should be worked on. So “how is the business, what is good coffee, how is it made?” I think they definitely need to know. They say you can’t be the boss of a job that you don’t know your apprenticeship, actually the same thing.

Then let’s come to Arkhe… Why did you choose Arkhe, are you satisfied?

From the sincerity of the team 🙂 First of all, the references are very good. Apart from the references, I am really looking for some sincerity. It gives confidence. Whether it’s brand, content, sales, I think it’s part of the chain of trust. Based on that trust, we chose Arkhe and we did not regret it. Well done Arkhe!

Are you satisfied with the product you prefer, what did this Arkhe product of your choice bring to your business?

Yes, we are satisfied. Once in my business, I can see what is sold and what is not, at what times it is busy, which part of us is missing, which part we need to improve, everything.

Was it easy then?

Yes, it’s a great convenience all around.

Finally, I will ask a difficult question. What is the biggest feature that distinguishes Arkhe from its competitors?

So I can’t comment too much on this subject because I haven’t used any other competing products. I didn’t even research… I started with Arkhe because I didn’t know the pros and cons of other products. Since I was satisfied with Arkhe, I did not feel the need to research other companies.

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