Child in the Restaurant

by uchi-meshi
children in the restaurant

These days will of course pass and we will continue our lives with new experiences, even if not where we left off. That’s why, let’s get ready for the future: In this article, the guaranteed guests of your business that should be made happy; We got an expert opinion on children.

Every child is special and wants to feel special. In restaurants, cafes and similar businesses, service personnel experience their first meeting with children during the welcome or opening of service. At this point, it is important to communicate with them and address them. We have all witnessed the adjectives such as “princess, prince, handsome, lion piece”. Although children like this kind of address, there are also a considerable number of parents who do not want to raise a princess or a lion in society and have a negative attitude towards such adjectives. My suggestion to those working in the hospitality industry would be to ask the child’s name and address him by name. This is the best way to say “I see you too” to the child. If you work in an enterprise with a bad name memory or a serious density, “young lady” or “little gentleman” can be preferred to make both the child and the parent happy without taking risks.

children in the restaurant

family restaurants

After these days when we fit life into the home, from the youngest to the oldest, it will be a pleasure for the children to go out as well. And it is natural for children to have various thoughts about the virus. He may ask the waiter or the service personnel about the cleanliness of the establishment. Never be sarcastic, take questions seriously and answer them.

Another issue is restaurants, cafes, etc. It is a win-win relationship between the child and the business during the time spent in the places. A child who is not bored does not make his family uneasy, he does not say ‘let’s go’. Although children’s playgrounds in businesses are a good option, they may not be possible due to loss of space or noise. Or, a mini gift that can be given with children’s menus can be a good solution, especially considering that possible question marks may increase in the minds of parents about the indoor children’s play sections after the coronavirus. For example, puzzles with few and large pieces… Or, placemats with limited color figures on the sides for them to paint and with an empty middle part for children who like to paint are extremely functional. With a small 6 pack of dry paint as a gift… Recently, we see businesses doing this. Moreover, by including the logo of the business on the materials they prepared. If dry paint is not possible as a gift, some dry paint in a small vase or glass that comes to the table will also work. Or origami placemats that make various figures step by step with instructions on them.

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