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the hidden garden istanbul

Hidden Garden Restaurant, which has been serving for 10 years in Maslak, brings its customers together with world cuisine… Guests from different parts of Istanbul, who come to Hidden Garden, prove the importance of service and taste partnership once again… In addition to pizza and pasta varieties, Bosnian meatballs, Hidden Garden guests are the most flavors that are highly praised.

Could you briefly tell us about your business? When was it founded, what did you think when you started this business? What is the most important feature that makes your business different from other businesses?

Hidden Garden Restaurant is one of the rare restaurants serving world cuisine in Maslak for 10 years. We are particularly assertive about “pizza” and “pasta” in Italian cuisine… All of the materials we use are original and special for us. We use pasta from Italy that we import from abroad. If we are making spaghetti, we use Ricetta branded product. Therefore, we think that we have made a difference.

the hidden garden istanbul

We have special meals for our guests. For example, Bosnian Meatballs… The real name of the meatballs we make is “preskavisa”. It contains cured meat and a special cheese. You can only eat this preskavissa with us in Istanbul. It is made in other places, but there is no dried meat in them. Our cured meat comes from Novi Pazar. It’s a meatball made entirely with Bosnian ingredients and our customers love it. As the name suggests, the entrance and exit of the Hidden Garden are not very clear; Those who know us and know the taste of our menu are coming. For example, they come here from Deloitte, which is at the southernmost point of Maslak. They welcome their guests from England. Or from Vadofone… People from all plazas, from the northernmost to the southernmost point of Maslak, know us and come here in particular. There are at least 20 more restaurants by the time you get here. They come to us, not to any of them. This is one of the things that makes us most happy and it causes us to love our job more and cook more delicious products every day.

What is the secret of your success? What do you need to do well in this industry? What advice would you give to new entrepreneur candidates who want to enter the sector?

The secret of our success; Of course, the materials we use, but what is different and classic is ‘loving your job’. If you love your job, if you love to do it, if you don’t avoid anything to make it better and perfect, then you will be successful. In order to be successful in this sector, first of all, it is necessary to have a good command of the job, to love the job and to be able to follow it at every stage. If you don’t know the job, if you don’t love it, if you don’t own it, it’s not possible for you to be successful. New entrepreneurs who want to enter the sector should definitely know the kitchen and be able to serve according to their customer potential. For example, there was another restaurant at the exit of our subway. They could not work even though a hundred thousand people passed by every day. Because he did not have a menu that appealed to the hundred thousand people passing by. It is absolutely necessary to make the menu that appeals to the customer. Therefore, choosing according to its location, location and customer structure is of great importance for the continuity of the business.

In your opinion, what are the main problems of the food and beverage industry? What are your thoughts on the future of the industry?

It is not possible to say that these are the main problems of the food and beverage industry. Every business has different problems. Turkey is a very rich country in terms of food, but we are not very successful in international arenas. This is because of the way we cook. In fact, we usually cook all our meals in sauce. So we make it in its own juice, in its own sauce. However, sauces are also made abroad. The food is being prepared and the sauce is poured on it. I think we can’t go out of our mold for him. Otherwise, we have very talented and talented masters and cooks. It is a matter of supply and demand, we work accordingly. Of course, I am optimistic about the future of the sector, after all, ‘What is the sector that will not end?’ If you think, ‘the answer is the food and beverage industry’.

Do you eat to fill your stomach or to fill your eyes? Or for your eyes or for your taste? This is really important. In my opinion, the number of restaurants that will satisfy the eye and the palate will increase in the future. I believe that this will happen as people’s cultural level and knowledge level increase. For this reason, the food and beverage sector will change shape in the future, but I think it will be one of the shining sectors.

Why did you choose Arkhe? What did this choice bring to your business? Can you evaluate the before and after?

In order to run a business or be successful in a business, you need to know and control everything from purchasing to the kitchen to the customer. You cannot do this alone. It is not possible to take a pen and paper in your hand, write prescriptions in the old fashioned way, price them, and keep track of the products purchased from each market one by one by entering the notebooks in your hand, or something like that. There are systems and software for it. We decided to buy these software; because again, as I said before, you need to know the job. If you do not know where we are going, what we are doing, how much material we bought, how much we used, how much we sold, how much was left in the warehouse, how much wasted, you will go bankrupt. If you want to cook the best food, you have to know them. So, we started a system research where we could check the information we wanted and work on it regularly. As a result of our research; We searched for a company that is both local and where we can get technical service whenever we want, and that can respond immediately; we found it too. After we found it, we examined its references to see who uses that product. We also contacted companies that use Arkhe and got their opinions. With the satisfaction we learned, we wanted to use Arkhe’s Denge Guest Hospitality System and glad we did. We are very happy with both Arkhe and Denge right now, we have no problems. We can do everything ourselves, we can fix the screen as we want. We add what we want to our work screen like a jigsaw puzzle, we remove what we want. We can also save the script on the back. It is a very comprehensive program, easy to use, we do not have any problems while working. Of course, we have difficulties in using all of this scope ourselves. I hope we will be able to use it 100% in time.

What do you think is the biggest feature that distinguishes Arkhe from its competitors?

The biggest feature that distinguishes Arkhe from its competitors is that it has a good team. They are constantly interested, they call regularly. Initially, they were very supportive. We had frequent training. I think the biggest feature that distinguishes Arkhe from its competitors is its friendly and hardworking team.

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