Places to Drink Bubble Tea in Istanbul

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bubble tea

The world of gastronomy has a brand new star: Bubble Tea. Find out what is Bubble Tea, which is now on everyone’s lips, and where you can find Bubble Tea in Istanbul, all the details.

In our country, thanks to social media, meet a taste that has come to the point of throwing ordinary iced teas off: Bubble Tea. As you can understand from its name, Bubble Tea, which was popular in Taiwan for the first time 32 years ago and then opened to the whole world, is a very different tea from what you have experienced until today, consisting of tiny bubbles.

Note: As the OGGUSTO team, we frequently check whether the venues are open, but during the pandemic we are in, venues can close quickly. Before you decide where to go, be sure to search for places!

What is Bubble Tea?

Bubble Tea, also known as İnci Tea in Turkey, is originally a mixture of tea and milk: topioka There are small, slightly gum-like bubbles called Of course, it is possible to find bubbles in flavors such as fruit, honey, and chocolate to further highlight the taste of this tea-based or various flavored beverage.

Even though he thinks that the name of Bubble Tea, which makes even coffee lovers who say “I don’t drink tea” addicted to themselves, comes from the bubbles in the drink, in fact, the name Bubble Tea; It takes it from the thick foam formed on the top layer after shaking.

Bubble Tea Venues in Istanbul

Bubble Tea, which has gained great popularity in our country in a short time, has already started to be served in many places, especially in Istanbul. There are even special cafes just for Bubble Tea. Well, what are the places in Istanbul where you can experience Bubble Tea, which is famous in Asia, America, Europe and now in our country? We have listed the places that make Bubble Tea for you.

bubble tea

Where to Drink Bubble Tea on the European Side?

Melez Tea Bar, Maslak

If you sip every form of tea with great pleasure and want to try the undiscovered flavors, you can enjoy all the handmade teas. Hybrid Tea Bar It is a candidate to be among your favorite places. With a wide variety of products from white tea to Matcha, this place is also a great choice to experience the original Bubble Tea.

(Reşitpaşa, Kongre Cd. 81/A, 34400 Sarıyer/Istanbul; 02122292969)

Tea Taste, Sisli

One of the city’s most popular Bubble Tea venues Tea TasteIn addition to staying true to the traditional Asian recipe, it offers its own signature fun flavors. It guarantees you to enjoy Bubble Tea to the fullest with its caramel, milk, fruit and Matcha varieties and large-sized cups.

(Central District, Halaskargazi Caddesi, No: 195/A, Şişli, Istanbul; 02122968555)

Bubble Pup, Besiktas

Apart from other Bubble Tea recipes, they use a unique recipe. Bubble Pup, It invites everyone to a different experience at its venues in Beşiktaş. Get ready to be impressed by the presentation as well as the taste of the Bubble Tea you will order at the Bubble Pub, where you can easily capture the perfect shots in the photos.

(Sinanpaşa Mahallesi, Hattat Tahsin Sokak, No: 27A, Beşiktaş, Istanbul; 05372662846)

Where to Drink Bubble Tea on the Anatolian Side?

Poppin Bubble Tea & Coffee, Kadıköy

One of Turkey’s first Bubble Tea venues Poppin Bubble Tea it is a candidate to be one of the frequented places especially for those living on the Anatolian side. Famous for its sparkling Bubble Tea, after which Bubble Tea is named, Poppin Bubble Tea is open every day from 12 noon to 9 pm.

(Caferağa, Bademaltı Sk. No: 36/B, 34722 Kadıköy/Istanbul; 02163308961)

Dem Moda, Kadikoy

One of the best tea places in Istanbul brew, from places that add Bubble Tea to their menu. Dem’s Bubble Tea options, which are as ambitious as Dem’s Iced Teas, which have become indispensable for tea drinkers especially in the summer months, include: blackberry, currant, strawberry and hibiscus.

(Caferağa, Şair Nefi Sk. 9/A, 34710 Kadıköy/Istanbul; 02164492600)

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