Baylo Bistro Bar Great Cocktail

by uchi-meshi


We are in Baylo, in a building built by the Kamondo family in the 19th century. With its decoration, it won the first prize in the European Property Awards 2013 in the Leisure Interior Design category. With its plain, warm details and light; It is a regular place that makes people feel peaceful and comfortable. We are listening to Baylo, us and the industry from the owner of the business, Batukan Kocaaydın.

Could you briefly tell us about your business? When was it founded, what did you think when you started this business? What is the most important feature that makes your business different from other businesses?

Baylo began operating in late 2011. It was established as a fine dining restaurant, but also a neighborhood bar, a cocktail bar. If we explain how our business differs from other businesses; It stands out with its cocktails and a safe business where you can have fun, eat good food, and have fun. The most important service of our 9-year process is to present quality content in a good way.

What is the secret of your success? What do you need to do well in this industry? What advice would you give to new entrepreneur candidates who want to enter the sector?

In order to do good work and be successful in this sector, first of all, it is necessary to understand the customers and guests very well, to respond to their demands at the optimum level, and to meet and solve the different requests of 2, 3, 5 different guests in a common way at the same time. I am one of those who believe that instead of being elected later, it can be done with a desire from a long time ago, even from childhood, because it is not a fun and lucrative industry and business that can be called “Come on, let our friends come, let’s have fun and earn money” as it seems. Those who want to enter this sector new; First of all, they must be self-confident, very patient people who love to eat, drink, travel, have fun and dance. Standing on the job is the first and golden rule in this business. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as “I’m hungry, it’s going well, if I don’t go to work this week”. As such, it is not a very long-term business.

In your opinion, what are the main problems of the food and beverage industry? Are you optimistic or pessimistic about the future of the industry? Why?

In my opinion, the most fundamental problem of the food and beverage industry in Turkey, especially in Istanbul, is that the purchased goods go up five times a day, every month, or at least three times a year, and you cannot reflect this on your menus and your guests. To give an example, something we buy for x lira becomes x plus 10% after 6 months. You can’t make it like that on the menu. Because if you think that this happens twice a year, you should be selling a product that is currently 50 liras for 150 liras, which is not possible, you are constantly reducing your profit margins, directing you to delivery and trying to sell more. But I think about the future of the sector, especially Istanbul, which has a high tourism potential and is a good location where this business can be done. Because it is a very beautiful, important and changing city. I think this industry will always have good returns in this country when you can fight well with price and good buy. That’s why I’m very optimistic.

Why did you choose Arkhe? What did this choice bring to your business? Can you evaluate the before and after?

We tried to work without any automation system for the first year and a half and of course we saw that it was not very possible, our work was more and more intense than we expected. We talked to several different companies right away. We started working with Arkhe after researching and learning that although Arkhe is local and was newly established at that time, the team was extremely professional. I think the best thing Arkhe has given us is; Thanks to the system Arkhe established, we saw what we bought and sold, what we earned, how much profit we made, where we lost and how much the price hikes we mentioned affected us. If we divide it into two as before and after Arkhe, we were buying a product before Arkhe and making a turnover. We were seeing an income here. But after Arkhe we bought a commodity, first we saw how much we bought. Then we reduced it to a glass or a plate and saw the cost of how much and what we put in it. After that, we saw what we sold and what we earned. With Arkhe’s system Denge, we have seen the biggest gain for us in cost analysis, keeping costs under control, and if a cost is to be reduced, which item or product it is. That’s why we’ve been working with Arkhe for so long.

What do you think is the biggest feature that distinguishes Arkhe from its competitors?

The biggest feature that distinguishes Arkhe from its competitors is that it does very good work for much more acceptable figures, probably due to its domestic nature in terms of price, quality and service. It is very easy to use both from terminals and computer connections. As you know, these automation systems, especially in hotels, are sometimes very complex and may require months of training. The most important feature that distinguishes Arkhe from other companies is that Arkhe does very good works in acceptable numbers, which are very easy to use for the restaurant and food and beverage sector.

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