5 Precautions Against Coronavirus For Restaurants And Cafes

by uchi-meshi
coronavirus precautions

Coronavirus cases, which started in China and increased all over the world, affect the service and food sectors as well as every sector. After the first case was announced in our country, the increased precautions about the Coronavirus are actually valid for all of us. In addition to individual measures, institutional measures should be taken and it will be beneficial for businesses to provide a sterile environment for both their customers and employees. When we consider the statements and guidelines issued by the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health, what we see is that it is actually at an easily applicable level… The only thing that falls on restaurants and cafes is to continue routine controls and inspections more precisely. We’ve looked at what you need to do as a restaurant, hotel, or cafe operator.

Share Your Knowledge, Train Your Staff

You can inform your staff about the reports and guides prepared by the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health, explain in detail what they need to do to protect themselves, and if necessary, you can prepare documents related to this and place these documents in the appropriate areas of your business.

Be Prepared

You should review the soap and disinfectant stock of your business and keep these products ready in handwashing areas such as toilets and kitchens. We recommend that you do not neglect to have a mask for customers and employees. It will be much safer for your employees, especially those who prepare food and take care of cleaning, to use masks during the working process.

coronavirus precautions

precautions against to coronavirus for cafes and restaurants

Pay Attention to Surface Cleaning

It is known that the transmission of the coronavirus on hard surfaces accelerates. Therefore, take care to intensify daily surface cleaning. In order to prevent the spread and transfer of the virus, make sure that the cleaning agents, detergents, and disinfectants you will use contain high alcohol content.

Ensure Your Staff Is Cautious

In order to prevent the transmission of the disease through liquids and food wastes, make sure that your employees do this with gloves and cleaning tools, especially during the removal of food waste from the business.

Keep Your Staff Under Surveillance

You should monitor the health of your staff more carefully than ever before. You can suggest that your staff, whom you realize to be feeling bad before the start of work, should return home before they start work. If you have a staff member with flu symptoms or suspected Coronavirus, help them reach the nearest health facility as soon as possible.

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