What Are Meat Softening Techniques?

by uchi-meshi
the best softening techniques for the meat

No matter what kind of meat you use, if you use a method to tenderize your meat, you can prepare a delicious meal.

Meat consists of proteins. Since proteins contain a large number of amino acids, the process of breaking down these acids is what we call meat tenderizing. And there are many different methods. Old traditional methods and in addition to these, many different methods have been developed.

Softening with traditional methods, I think we all know, is to beat the meat until it comes out of the water, so to speak, and another method is to pierce the muscle tissues by inserting a fork into the meat. Or, to soften the meat by making holes with the meat tenderizer used today instead of a fork.

the best softening techniques for the meat

One of the most used materials is vinegar. The acidic acid in the vinegar breaks down the meat fibers, making the meat more delicious and tender. Although normal vinegar is used for this work in our country, white vinegar is generally used for this situation in Europe.

Even wine, lemon or orange juice, tomato sauce, beer, pineapple juice, soda, tea, coffee and even buttermilk containing acidic acid, which is a substitute for vinegar, are among the materials that can be used for this process. The only point we need to pay attention to is that the acidic material we will use has a taste that complements the food we will cook.

After giving information about this much meat tenderizing, let’s move on to the really interesting tenderizing method.

Raw fruits can also be used to tenderize meat before cooking because they contain acidic enzymes. There is one of these fruits that is not very heard of, which, besides its health benefits, also works wonders in tenderizing meat.

Yes, The Fruit We Are Telling You About PAPAYA…

Unripe papaya, also known as green papaya, is a common fruit in southeast Asia. Both ripe and unripe papaya are used in the cuisines of various countries. Unripe papaya is often used in Philippine cuisine. Pickled green papaya is known as the most important ingredient of the spice called “atchara”. But a less well-known use for green papaya is as a very good meat tenderizer. Green papaya contains an enzyme called “papain”. All peeled green papayas and even the leaves of the papaya tree contain this (papain) enzyme. There are many scientific facts about this papain compound and meat tenderizing.

To explain briefly; It has the ability to break down collagen in muscle tissues, which is the main protein that holds many different types of meat together. This makes green papaya (or the papain in it) an excellent meat tenderizer.

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