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by uchi-meshi
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Alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails; the stages of creation, preparation and production are called mixology, in other words, the art of mixing… It is actually a visual show, from preparation to presentation, that appeals to the eye as well as the palate. Mixology has brought a brand new dimension and identity to the beverage industry, which is in the middle of the entertainment world.

Various dried herbs are burned during the mixing or presentation of the drinks, they combine the smoke with the drinks, and the mixologists turn the bar environment into a laboratory.

While creating their mixes, they prepare signature cocktails using especially seasonal, fresh fruits and vegetables, special spices and technologically special apparatus.

There’s also molecular mixology. Molecular mixology is also a bartending discipline based on the molecular level investigation of the ingredients used to make cocktails. Techniques such as emulsification, gelling, fogging, heating and solidification are used to keep the outer part of the cocktail jelly-like and the inside liquid. Thus, when consumed with a spoon, the jelly consistency explodes and the cocktail disperses in the mouth. You can see the molecular mixology cocktail, which you encounter in many restaurants, bars and nightclubs today, in a form that reflects the company’s logo at a company invitation.

In terms of the techniques used, molecular mixology is actually the drink version of molecular gastronomy. In this regard, the place of origin is Spain.

Mixology is a subject that has attracted as much attention as gastronomy lately. Most of the private or state universities that offer gastronomy and culinary arts education include mixology and beverage science in their curriculum. At the same time, MSA from Denge’li İşletmeleri, the pioneer of the sector, also has training and certificate programs on mixology and bar training.

For those who just want to experience it, Loco de Pera, also from Dengeli İşletmeleri, is one of the most assertive venues in Istanbul with its mixology cocktails.

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