Kitchen United partners with Kroger to open in-store ghost kitchens

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Dive Summary:

  • Kitchen United has partnered with Kroger to provide shoppers with freshly prepared, on-demand restaurant meals. according to a press release. These off-site cuisines at participating Kroger locations will feature up to six local, regional or national restaurant brands.
  • The first culinary center will launch at a Ralphs store in Los Angeles this fall, with additional locations expected to open later in the year.
  • This collaboration was later Walmart’s partnership with Ghost Kitchen Brands Bringing multiple restaurant brands to stores in the US and Canada through onsite ghost kitchens.

Diving Information:

Both Kroger and Walmart have been tracking down ghost kitchens for years as a way to expand on-site dining and takeout options for time-strapped guests. Grocery stores are expanding on-site dining options to entice shoppers to stay in stores longer and hopefully spend more – both a threat to restaurant stomachs and an opportunity for restaurants to tap into non-traditional channels.

Kroger originally launched the channel in 2019. Partnership with ClusterTruckhas created a vertically integrated company that owns and operates delivery-only kitchens, and a new service called Kroger Delivery Kitchen. While these meals were prepared in the dark kitchens of ClusterTruck, Kroger opened two. on-site locations On the Columbus, Ohio, and Indianapolis subways in 2020.

But Kroger’s partnership with Kitchen United will be very different. Kitchen United locations will provide access to a variety of outside restaurant brands, rather than offering Kroger-branded food prepared by ClusterTruck. Customers will order through Kitchen United’s website, app or ordering kiosks. They can also create a customized order from multiple brands available with a single voucher. Restaurant staff then prepare the orders, and delivery charges are set by third-party providers.

“While continuing to define Kroger as a dining destination, this collaboration creates another seamless way for our customers to order lunch or dinner for delivery to their chosen location while shopping for groceries,” said Craig Gauden, director of Kroger. partnership development, said in a statement.

This isn’t the first time Kroger has brought restaurant brands to its stores, either. became a grocer Opening Saladworks units throughout the system in recent years. It also added its own restaurant brand, kitchen 1883It has a Union, Kentucky location in 2017 and this restaurant is currently only available at the moment. two Kroger locations.

But Walmart is still a tough phantom kitchen rival. Following a pilot with Ghost Kitchen Brands, the big-box store now offers restaurant meals from the brands E.g salad works, Nathan’s Famous and Wow in many stores nationwide.

Kitchen United is also growing this year. 16 Kitchen United Mix plans to open locations until the end of 2021. Earlier this year, it entered into a licensing partnership. UK based restaurant Camile Thai bringing the brand to the USA for the first time. Kitchen United also expand into shopping malls By partnering with Westfield, it opened a center in February at the Westfield Valley Fair mall in Santa Clara, California.

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