Edison Bulb History and Present

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thomas Edison

Lighting, one of the most important inventions in human history, started with candles. Then, when we came to the first half of the 19th century, gas lighting and the development of these lightings continued. Of course, at that time, unfortunately, the light provided by the gas was unstable and this caused theaters and houses to burn in different parts of the world. At that time, the news of fire from gas lamps was always the headline. When we came to 1809, electric lighting was invented and humanity started to replace gas lighting, that is, lamps, with electric lamps. Since there was too much light filtering at that time, the necessity of lighting in small volts emerged and in 1880 Thomas Edison invented a new model of light bulb. This was a more economical lighting that did not shine brightly.

thomas Edison

Let’s Get to Know Thomas Edison Closer…

Thomas Alva Edison was born on February 11, 1847, in Milan, Ohio. Thomas was a curious child and always addressed his mother with interesting questions on her mind. His mother always sought explanatory answers in the face of his questions and curiosity. Edison once said in a statement that his mother was very supportive of him and that his mother was even better at inventing than he was. He also did various jobs while working on his inventions. He always searched for the better until he got the title of legendary inventor. His first invention was the electronic voting machine, which he patented in 1868. Later, he received many patents that benefited the advancement of motion picture camera, photography, telephone technology.

Thomas had some lab partners named “Muckers” and together they conducted thousands of experiments that led to the development of the electric light bulb. In order to bring the electric light bulb to life, they had to invent every single component, from switches to sealed and vacuum glass bulbs, unique cord sets and different types of meters. Like their efforts before Edison and Muckers, their biggest challenge was finding a material they could turn into a long-lasting filament. They tested many plant growths and eventually discovered that carbonized yarn could give them what they wanted.

Edison was able to find more than thirteen hours of light with the help of a cotton thread filament and patented the first light bulb on January 27, 1880. After further research, Edison and his lab partners learned that carbonized bamboo is the perfect filament material, providing 1,200 hours of continuous light. On September 4, 1882, Edison conducted the first large-scale light test, illuminating 25 buildings in New York City’s financial district.

Edison Bulbs and Where It Has Come Today…

The Edison light bulb has since been developed and grown to be known and used around the world. In today’s world, many people use Edison bulbs because of the various advantages these bulbs offer;

Vintage style Edison bulbs (also known as filament bulbs) are very popular right now. They are absolutely perfect if you want to achieve a soft, inviting glow in your homes.

People are embracing Edison bulbs, using them to create and decorate ambient lights in homes and restaurants…

They are the Decorative and Stylish Restaurant Lighting Trend…

Elevate your outdoor or indoor event with the warm glow of Edison bulbs. Whether you want to illuminate your wedding venue or create a unique ambiance for your dinner party…

We’ve all seen the nostalgic ambiance created by Edison light bulbs in restaurants lately.
Of course, atmosphere alone is not enough to be called a good restaurant! Delicious food should be complemented by a friendly presentation with a good team, good music. The service must be well-executed and must be in good condition for the quality to be continuous.

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