Best Arabic Food in Sharjah

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Best Arabic Food in Sharjah

Every traveller needs to know what the best foods are in Sharjah. Sharjah is a tourist hot spot for those looking to experience Arabian culture and traditions. Some of the best restaurants offer authentic Arabian fare at very affordable prices. In Sharjah, one can enjoy delicious traditional meals as well as international cuisine that use local ingredients. A variety of international dishes is offered but there is no doubt that the best restaurants in Sharjah will have something special for their guests.

Most restaurants in Sharjah serve local cuisine from the peninsula. Fresh local fruits and vegetables are using to prepare meals. There is nothing comparable to a Sharjah lunch of hummus, fresh salads with pita bread and Arabic coffee. A local desert dish called al-zawid is always a delight with its fluffy texture and delicious taste. Desert dishes can also be served with pita bread or on their own.

Sharjah is renowned for its fresh local seafood, which is fresh and easily available. Seafood is the best in quality and it is easy to source. In fact it is possible to find some exotic species of fish and shellfish off the coast. Snapper, tuna, white shrimp, wahoo and Mahi are just some locally caught varieties. Most seafood restaurants boast of their freshness and while some will boast of their age, many of the best Sharjah restaurants will proudly state that their fish is as fresh as the day it was caught.

Moroccan cuisine is extremely popular. It differs slightly to the Arabian style in that the ingredients are generally less seasoned and more natural. A strong influence of African and Italian cuisines has been seen in the use of a larger quantity of spices in Moroccan dishes. It is the combination of these two cuisines and the local climate that have allowed for an infusion of true Moroccan flavour.

The other type of cuisine that you will be able to find is that of Lebanese food. This is largely because both generations in the area have contributed to the creation of a unique style of food and their influences continue to be seen in modern day Lebanese restaurants. A typical Lebanese meal would include a starter of rice and lentils then followed by meat, salads, vegetable dishes and desserts. Many of the dishes are vegetarian but there is also a large number of Christian dishes that are a vital part of the cuisine. Pita bread is a very popular item on a traditional plate in a typical Lebanese lunch or dinner.

Finally, you are not short of choices if you are looking for the best Arabic food in Sharjah. There are many restaurants and eateries that are extremely popular with locals and tourists alike. These places tend to offer customers a selection of local dishes along with international dishes and are usually family run eateries. Of course there are many hotels and resorts where you can find the best Arabic food in Sharjah. If you prefer to dine at a Sharjah hotel or resort you will find that there are many excellent dishes on offer, especially the local cuisine. These Sharjah hotels and resorts offer a great deal of local and international cuisine and this is often reflected in the cuisine on their websites.

Arabic Food in Sharjah

In the UAE, there is no dearth of eateries that serve Arabic food. There are many types of restaurants in Sharjah that specialize in serving only this cuisine. The city of Sharjah enjoys a great hospitality and tourists from all over the world frequent its restaurants for the fine Arabian dishes. Sharjah offers an exquisite blend of Arab culture with Western eating habits, making it a foodie’s delight.

A Sharjah restaurant will have an authentic environment and you can be sure of getting quality food from its stables. Al Dhiyafah is a good restaurant, where the taste of Sharjah’s famous meat and poultry is on full display. This restaurant also serves traditional Arabian meals and international snacks. You will also get to taste the local spices that are used in cooking and the restaurant’s tapas kitchen offers some of the best Spanish food in the region.

Another restaurant that serves good Arabian food is Al Tawaken Bin Zayed mosque. Here you can try some of the traditional Arabic foods including dates, sharara, rice and Moroccan ribs. You will also find traditional Arabian snacks in abundance at this restaurant. Desserts are also common at Sharjah restaurants and you can get some exotic Middle Eastern desserts such as raisins and dates. However, if you want some foreign foods, there is no dearth of cafes and bistros serving Italian, Chinese, Spanish and French cuisines.

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