Best Arabic Food in Riyadh

by uchi-meshi
Best Arabic Food in Riyadh

You have most likely frequented a number of places around the world, and if you are an avid foodie, then you most likely have experienced the amazing flavors and textures that are available in the best Arabic food. It is not surprising though to see that the very same dishes, which give such joy to visitors and residents alike, can be used in such far off places as Yemen and Qatar. Of course, these areas do not necessarily reflect the flavor and texture of the best Arabic food in Saudi Arabia though.

In terms of taste, there is little doubt that the best Arabic food in Saudi Arabia can only be described as extremely rich and creamy. It has a distinct flavor that seems to have come directly from the Arabian Peninsula. There is a heavy emphasis on meats in this region, with the frequent use of dairy products. This is typical of many countries in the Middle East, but it is something that is distinctly Saudi.

The spices that are used in the preparation of this food are also quite strong. If you are a resident of the city, chances are that you will have eaten many of the traditional foods that make up this part of the world. For example, the famous hummus that is offered in cafes and restaurants all over the world is a simple preparation of garlic and oil that is full of nutrients. It is served with fresh fruit or dates that are rolled in sesame seeds. For something different, there is the Al-Rabie which is made with chick peas, lemon juice and mint leaves.

It should not be forgotten that the city of Saudi Arabia also has its fair share of vegetarians and strict Muslims who follow a very strict diet. As a result, you will find a wide variety of dishes that feature staples from all over the world, but are mainly Arab in nature. One of these dishes is the Baklava that can be found on almost every street in this part of the world. Baklava is actually a type of Semolina that is cooked in an oven and is then eaten with flatbread. In case you are looking for a slightly different dish, you can also try the Shawrama which is made of rice cooked in the traditional manner.

Another dish that is found in this part of the world is called Al-Rakal, which is made from dates and is served as a dessert. It is usually served with freshly cut fruits. If you do not like the taste of dates, you can always search for other types of nuts such as walnuts, hazelnuts and even almonds in order to add a different flavor to your food experience. This is because the taste of these nuts is quite bitter and salty. Try looking for Salah (yes), Taghazuk (thin) and Ghashimi (fish fillets) if you are looking for different flavors.

It would not be right to say that Saudi Arabia does not have its fair share of decent restaurants where you can have a variety of experiences when dining out. There are many places that specialize in serving food of this nature. You can also ask your local knowledgeable taxi drivers to take you there. In case you want to save money and time, you can make your reservations in advance and have them done in advance too so that you do not have to deal with rush hour traffic. Remember to enjoy yourself when dining out in Saudi Arabia as the food is a treat for every taste.

Arabic Food in Riyadh

When I first went to Saudi Arabia, I was awed by the hospitality of the people there and the variety of delicious Arabic food. Although expensive, the food is very lavish and comes is some of the most beautiful packaging you can imagine. In addition to the food, the service was also amazing. They serve drinks to your guests in a way that it makes them seem like celebrities and it even includes a tip for them when they have done a good job.

There are many places to eat in Saudi Arabia, which includes elegant hotels, traditional songs, and then street food. I found a good choice for me, which was in Jeddah. The spices and sauces are very aromatic and complement the food very well. I also enjoyed the fresh fruit and vegetable salads. The service was very good and I got a great taste from the sesame oil I ate with my lunch.

If you are planning a trip to the Middle East, then I recommend that you include a stop in Saudi Arabia to enjoy the food, the service, and the atmosphere. You will not be disappointed with the quality of the food and the service. There are many restaurants that offer good Arabic food in Riyadh.

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