Best Arabic Food in Kuwait

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Best Arabic Food in Kuwait

How to Find the Best Arabic Food in Kubarah

“The most popular Arab food in Kuwait is Mais Alghanim (lit: Large Green). The name was derived from the size of the restaurant.” (Kuwaiti Kitchen, Issue #2) “A few years later, my husband introduced me to his cousin’s Makhdib and Moosa. We had never eaten at a place named Mais Alghanim before, but we were immediately impressed by the quality and atmosphere of the establishment.” (Kuwaiti Kitchen, Issue #2) “After the first few courses, the food took a back seat to laughter. The cousins seemed to understand everything about Middle Eastern cuisine, including the difference between grilled and raw meat.”

“If you want to sample some Middle Eastern fare in a trendy, friendly atmosphere, consider going to Mais Alghanim. The food is authentic and the prices are affordable. The family-owned restaurant offers many entrees, salads, and a buffet. There’s also a large selection of dishes for non-Muslim guests.” (Kuwaiti Kitchen, Issue #2) “My favorite is chicken nachos, served with roasted lamb. The spice level is mild and the flavors are very balanced.”

“I tried the chicken kebab (tagine) and loved it! It was served with rice and salad. I also tried the hummus (thing) with rice that comes with the chicken kebab. The service was attentive and the dishes were delicious. This restaurant is very popular with tourists, especially the younger ones. During the summer months, this place fills up fast.”

“Arabic cuisine in Kubarah is exquisite. The lamb is tender and the spices add a lot of flavor. You can order dessert in this restaurant as well, and it is worth the trip. The dessert is like dessert because it has so much flavor. “(Kuwaiti Kitchen, Issue #2)

“This restaurant serves authentic and tasty traditional meals such as chicken teach, lamb stew, and many more. The lamb is very good and very healthy. The desserts are also excellent – they’re not only light and colorful, but also filled with sugar. If you want to experiment, you can ask for dessert that has walnuts in it, which are very popular in Dubai. It is so beautiful and elegant.” (Kuwaiti Kitchen, Issue #2)

Finally, when considering a restaurant in Kubarah, try to go and try their deserts as well. Most restaurants have prepared deserts at their establishments, and you might have to ask for them, but most of them are very good. As with any catering business, quality is very important, especially with deserts. So, when you find yourself in Kubarah, just check out the places listed above, and then decide from there.

A Guide to Arabic Food in Kuwait

There are numerous restaurants serving authentic Middle Eastern fare in Kuwait. The cuisine in Kuwait is among the finest in the region and probably one of the main reasons behind the popularity is the taste and excellent food. Kuwaitis have a love affair with their local food which is evident from the fact that nearly every family has a restaurant of its own. These restaurants serve mainly Middle Eastern fare but also have Italian, Chinese, French and other types of cuisine.

The price of such foods is usually not exorbitant as they are usually served for a cheap price. In some cases, you can get the same dish for just a little higher. Arabic food in Kuwait can be prepared in a number of ways and there are also several sub types of this cuisine. Most restaurants will have the knowledge of such varieties and will be able to prepare dishes according to individual preferences.

There are also a variety of eateries that are specialised in Arabic food and it might be a good idea to take a look at them before deciding on a particular place to go for dinner. Most Arabic restaurants in Kuwait will advertise themselves using the Arab language on their websites. You can use the Internet to locate these shops and order what you want online. You might also be able to find out about the various side orders and the different types of meals available as well as what the price normally is before taking a final decision.

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